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April 2024 Monthly Recap

April 2024 Monthly Recap

April brought major growth for Dinari, expanding our B2B reach with asset integrations and unlocking cross-chain power. Learn more about these exciting developments in this recap.

April Community Call Twitter Spaces

USD+ and Chainlink CCIP Integration

We have enhanced our cross-chain capabilities by integrating Chainlink CCIP, which now supports our USD+ stablecoin in performing secure transactions across Arbitrum One and Ethereum mainnets.

Expanded Access Through Partners

Two new B2B partners, Xade and LaProp have launched integrations with Dinari assets.

B2B API Developments:

Our B2B API now includes three new features: a managed account solution, price feeds, and asset information.

Ambassador Program Applications

We're receiving strong interest in our Ambassador Program, submissions close soon!  Become an Ambassador to help us grow, share our vision, earn rewards, and gain exclusive access.


Thank you for your ongoing support, and stay tuned for more exciting updates in the near future! 

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