COIN.dw & USDC Lending/Borrowing Pool Available on Ajna Protocol

COIN.dw & USDC Lending/Borrowing Pool Available on Ajna Protocol

We are pleased to announce that COIN.dw and USDC are now available on Ajna Protocol. For pool details, visit this link.

Wrapping COIN.d for COIN.dw

To participate in the pools, users must to wrap their COIN.d into COIN.dw. This process, made simple and accessible on the Dinari platform, can be completed by visiting This conversion wraps your COIN.d as COIN.dw for use on Ajna Protocol. Wrapped dShares can be unwrapped at any time.

Using Ajna Protocol

If you are interested in lending and borrowing using Ajna, and want to learn more, we'd suggest heading to their FAQ page to learn more, or joining their community. Lending and borrowing in DeFi present substaintial risks, including of total loss. Please do not invest more than you are willing to lose.

Coming Soon from Dinari

We're excited to bring you even more integrations with DeFi protocols, exchanges, web3 dapps, and web2 FinTechs. If you're curious about using dShares for your business, visit our "For Business" page here to learn about our smart contract and API/SDK based solutions:

We're excited to be able to add new use cases for dShares and utility for our holders, and level the playing field for retail finance. We have lots more on the horizon, so be sure to stay tuned for future updates.

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