COIN.dw and USDC Trading Pair Available on Camelot DEX

COIN.dw and USDC Trading Pair Available on Camelot DEX

We are pleased to share that liquidity for the COIN.dw and USDC trading pair is now live on Camelot DEX. This development marks the first venue outside of Dinari's app where dShares are available for trading, and facilitates wider access and additional utility for dShare tokens.

Camelot plays an integral role in facilitating this new use case for dShare holders by offering an easy to use and reliable trading environment for users. Camelot, the largest native Arbitrum decentralized exchange, is renowned for its innovative decentralized exchange, and we're very grateful for the work they've done to support builders in the Arbitrum ecosystem.

Wrapping COIN.d for COIN.dw

To participate in this new trading avenue, users need to wrap their COIN.d into COIN.dw. This process, made simple and accessible on the Dinari platform, can be completed by visiting This conversion wraps your COIN.d as COIN.dw for use on Camelot DEX.

Adding Liquidity on Camelot DEX

Once you have COIN.dw, you can contribute to the liquidity pool on Camelot DEX by depositing COIN.dw paired with USDC. By adding liquidity to the COIN.dw:USDC pool, you not only support the market but also have the opportunity to earn part of the fees generated by trades on the pair. This offers a unique strategy for those interested in the both TradFi and DeFi markets. You can find the liquidity pool on Camelot DEX linked here.

What's Next for dShares?

The availability of the COIN.dw and USDC trading pair on Camelot DEX demonstrates our ongoing efforts to improve the reach and functionality of dShares. This step, in collaboration with Camelot, a trusted name in the Arbitrum ecosystem, paves the way for more accessible trading and yield opportunities. We eagerly anticipate bringing more asset pairs and diverse opportunities to our users through a variety of partners over the coming months.

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