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Dinari at TOKEN2049: Exploring Securities-Backed Tokens

Dinari at TOKEN2049: Exploring Securities-Backed Tokens

TOKEN2049, a significant event in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space, is just around the corner. Dinari will be participating in this year's conference to provide insights into securities-backed tokens and their role in global investing.

TOKEN2049: A Leading Blockchain Event

TOKEN2049 is an annual conference that gathers industry leaders, innovators, and enthusiasts to discuss the latest developments in blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, and decentralized finance. This year's event promises to offer comprehensive insights into the blockchain landscape.

Dinari's Contribution

Dinari's Co-Founder and Chief Legal Officer, Chas Rampenthal will take the stage at 5.30pm SGT on Wednesday, September 13th at TOKEN2049 to discuss "Global Investing With Securities-Backed Tokens." This session aims to provide attendees with insights into the practical applications and implications of securities-backed tokens in the world of global investments.

What to Expect

During Dinari's presentation, attendees can expect an in-depth exploration of securities-backed tokens. The discussion will center on their advantages, such as improved accessibility, lowered barriers to entry, increased liquidity, enhanced transparency, and adherence to regulatory compliance.

Engage with Dinari

TOKEN2049 attendees are encouraged to connect with our team and gain a better understanding of securities-backed tokens. The goal is to facilitate meaningful conversations about the future of finance and how these tokens are reshaping the investment landscape. We’re also excited to announce that at TOKEN2049, Dinari will be giving away gift cards exchangeable for free portions of Nvidia dShares (NVDA.d) to attendees. It's our way of sharing the excitement of securities-backed tokens and the future of finance. Join us at our booth to learn more about NVDA.d, grab your gift card, and experience the innovative world of blockchain-based investments.

Stay Informed

For those unable to attend TOKEN2049 in person, Dinari will provide a recap and highlights from the event on our social media channels and blog. Follow us for on X  for real-time updates, and join the discussion using #Dinari and #TOKEN2049.

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