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dShare Stock Splits: NVDA

dShare Stock Splits: NVDA

Between market close today, June 7th and market open Monday June 10th, NVDA dShare holders will see the quantity of their dShares increase 10x (with underlying value remaining the same) with the company's 10-for-1 stock split. This move, announced after a strong first-quarter performance and a dividend increase, followed NVIDIA’s surge to become the world’s second most valuable company, surpassing Apple. With a valuation soaring past $3 trillion, NVIDIA is now second only to Microsoft.

How Dinari Handles Stock Splits

Dinari has developed an innovative system to manage stock splits and reverse splits for its dShares, ensuring seamless transitions and maintaining the integrity of investors' holdings.

Dinari’s Rebalancing Mechanism

At the core of Dinari’s solution is an automatic rebase process that adjusts token balances to reflect changes in the underlying share quantity. This ensures that every dShare remains 1-to-1 backed by its corresponding real-world asset at all times.

Split Execution Process

  1. Notification and Verification:
    • When a company announces a stock split, Dinari is notified via its clearing partners. Dinari verifies the split ratio and other relevant details before proceeding.
  2. Pre-Split Actions:
    • Before the split occurs, Dinari temporarily stops accepting new orders for the affected dShare and cancels any existing orders. This suspension is crucial to ensure that all token balances can be accurately updated without any transaction conflicts.
  3. Rebase Execution:
    • At the end of trading hours on the day before the split, Dinari executes the token rebasing process. This involves updating the token balances for all holders to reflect the new share quantities. For example, in a 10-for-1 split, each holder’s dShare balance is multiplied by ten. (NVIDIA's stock split increases the number of shares you own, but it does not change the total value of your investment)
  4. Post-Split Trading:
    • Before trading resumes, Dinari lifts the temporary suspension on the dShare. Investors can then place new orders based on the post-split share quantities, ensuring a smooth transition back to normal trading activities.

Case Study: NVDA dShare Split Through Dinari

When NVIDIA announced its stock split, Dinari’s automated systems kicked into action. The split ratio was verified, and a temporary suspension on new orders for NVDA dShares was put in place. Existing orders were canceled to prevent discrepancies during the rebase process.

Between the end of trading hours today, June 7th, and the start of trading hours on Monday, June 10th, Dinari will execute the rebase, adjusting all NVDA dShare balances according to the 10:1 split (10 shares will become 100 shares, with the total value of the stock holdings remaining the same).

This meticulous process ensures that Dinari dShare holders experience minimal disruption and maintain accurate, up-to-date holdings that reflect the underlying asset’s value.

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